How To Get Rapid Growth In Your YouTube Channel With Strategized YouTube Video Promotion
real YouTube video promotion

Started as a free video-sharing site where people could express their creativity, YouTube soon became a career choice for creative individuals who started making money from their videos availing the monetizing facility of the platform. And now it would be wrong to say that people are still doing it for only for the money as professional artists and companies have been presenting their work and brand on the platform through their video content. The only reason behind this is that it is now a marketing strategy. YouTube is the largest promotional market right now with its vast traffic being the biggest video-sharing platform in the world.

The rate of visibility that the platform offers is shockingly high. But it is highly difficult for independent YouTubers and small businesses to take advantage of that huge amount of traffic due to the extensive competition posed by the professionals who already have a fan-following and are equipped with professional promotional agencies working for them.

Aspiring YouTubers must form strategies to get real YouTube video promotion. We have listed some tried and tested strategies that you can apply to get organic views and subscriptions. Make sure to follow them to achieve the desired growth of your YouTube channel.

Create a power playlist

You already know about playlists, now it’s time to use a power playlist for greater audience engagement. YouTube power playlist is like a regular playlist with a significant difference. It shows the audience videos based on outcomes rather than topics. This has a more positive effect than common playlists being more effectual. This way YouTube channels can promote the other videos to the audience more easily. When viewers watch a particular power playlist video, the other playlist videos of the channel get automatically recommended to the visitors. This technique is highly efficient in garnering a substantial amount of viewers and subscribers in a short time.

Make longer videos

Though this is the most common technique among YouTubers, it is still the most effective one to gather the maximum amount of visibility online. The longer the video is, the greater the chances of ranking higher in the search engine results. Long videos appear on the first page of search results. This is why you will see that successful YouTubers often tend to drag their videos longer even though it does not seem to be needed. But this technique can backfire if your videos get unnecessarily longer and become boring. Keep things interesting by concentrating on a trendy topic that everyone wants to get involved with.

Create high-quality content

You may have heard this before that content is the king. You can acquire different strategies to get the desired amount of visibility but your work does not end there. You need to keep the number of viewers and subscribers intact and keep them coming back to your content whenever you post a new video. This can only be achieved through a top-quality video that is attractive and entertaining to the viewers. It is not easy to keep producing equally enticing videos every time. Make changes in your topics and style from time to time to keep things interesting. Research what is trendy at the moment and make your videos according to those themes. Or you can simply ask your audience what type of content they want from you next if you are out of ideas.

Maintain regularity

This aspect is often neglected by video-makers who want to establish a brand image for their work or business. They post high-quality content then take a long pause before they upload anything again. This could make your subscriber and viewers forget about the existence of your channel as there are presented with countless other options. Therefore,

1.       Regularly uploading will build trust and a good reputation for your channel to your subscribers.


2.       It is understandable that making quality YouTube Videos take time, just don’t take too long.


3.       And never compromise on the quality of your work.


4.       You can choose topics that do not need much time to be molded into a video and upload them in between publishing your priority content.

Optimize your videos

The main reason that your videos lacking in proper exposure despite having killer content is that they are not optimized properly for search engines. The keywords in the descriptions, tags, and titles have a crucial impact on the visibility of the videos. Research which words or phrases are searched frequently by the viewers when they look for the content that matches the subject matter of your videos. Create keywords according to those phrases and add them to the video title, tags, and descriptions. This will help you rank higher in YouTube as well as other search engines.


·         Collaborating with video-makers who make similar types of videos is the most efficient and fastest way of acquiring viewers and followers.


·         A joint-ventured video will garner you with twofold of visibility and access to the fanbase of each other.


·         Make sure to collaborate with someone who is at a similar stage of popularity as you, so that both of you will have something to offer to and gain from each other.

Use the power of social media

Social media platforms are the best place to promote YouTube videos. Most of the global population are hooked on these platforms and spend most of their time on them. There is a high chance of the rapid growth of your YouTube channel through them. Share your video links with your existing followers and let them spread your work to the greater audience by sharing.

Acquire professional help

Creating a highly entertaining YouTube video is already stressful enough, which leaves YouTubers hardly any time for video promotion. Professional YouTube promotional companies exist due to this sole reason. Most successful YouTubers that you see are using some kind of promotional service for their videos.

In this competitive platform, it is necessary to take assistance of them to achieve your goal. They come equipped with years of experience and data-backed strategies that are crafted according to your requirements.



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